The big thing previously announced is now officially out.

Hello (wonderful) Internet World,
We the people of Wentchoura are the proud parents of a seven inch.
It was born without major complications, weighs around 140grams and is now ready to join his
big brothers and sisters (they are three years older, which means they are ten inches).

Here's also a picture of **** (name is known from the Ventura crew) and his shorts
presenting this splendid item that is the seven inch.

Your eagle eyes will have noticed we haven't f***ed with you, we made it CLEAR.
And we also want to make it clear (ha) that it's a limited edition of 500 copies.
Which won't make it easier to sell.
Unfortunately, we have to remind you that we're only one ONE side of the thing.
The other one is occupied by John Sars.
We don't know who these guys are.

Still, we will try to sell those things, as they were very expensive to make (hence the subprimes' crisis).
You will probably find them here you're into telling the whole world what your
credit card numbers are.
Or you could try your luck at one of those shows we don't have.

Apart from that, Germany did beat the Turks 3-2, yesterday, at the St. Jakob Stadium in Basel,
where I used to live when I was a kid. No, I didn't live in the stadium.
And it's hot as hell these days.

We'd like to make a few musical suggestions too :

-(the) MELVINS "Nude with boots" (if you have (a) senile animal you don't need to buy this one, it's more or less the same record, but you can buy it for the cover. now by the way, where's that a senile animal 4xLP that HydraHead was supposed to release ??? )

-James Blackshaw "Litany of echoes"

-Bob Mould "District Line" (the best Sugar record in a very long time, apart from a few very annoying and useless effects on the vocals)

-Coalesce "Salt & Passage" (I have never listened to the same seven inch so many times as this one. Not only did I never imagine I'd hear a new Coalesce song one day, but they managed to re-invent themselves. Not to mention that they will release a whole new album some time soon...hope I live long enough to hear it.)

We wish you all the best, especially our beloved drummer, MIKEY, who is about to leave
for Viet-Nam to finish what the americans have begun.
We will miss him.But our hopes are high that he comes back.
Or not.

Now, all we have to add is ROGER FEDERER FOREVER.
(Roger, if you read this, could you send us something like, 25'000Chf, so we could go to the US to record another album, at Steve Albini's. Do it, we will send you our record in exchange)

Hope you are all very happy and all.

Los Venturas