Lozane's Burning X + David Yow

We have been asked to play the now worldwide famous Lozane's Burning event and as always, it will be held in Lausanne (Grande Salle de Vennes). It will take place on January 16th, 2010.
This evening will be very special, it will be the 10th anniversary of the event, and therefore will be the last one! But it will be also fucking special for Ventura.....we will have a guest, who will makes us look like kids and pussies.

David Yow from The Jesus Lizard, Qui and Scratch Acid has accepted our invitation, and will sing with us.

Did you fucking read that??

David fucking Yow will sing with Ventura!

There will also be some kind of collaboration, some kind of recording, some kind of video filming, and some kind of touring also. Everything is still very blurry for us, and the songs we will play is still being discussed

You can find more details about this, and the full line up of the evening here.

We look forward to welcoming you Mister David Yow!


Gone to the studio and came back

Well, here is the big one: we have recorded our second album last week.
It will contain 9 songs, all of them are total hit. Now mastering is on its way. Followed by the cover and the pressing bullshit.
Can't fucking wait for this masterpiece to be released!

Serge Morattel was the genius behind the desk, hitting the buttons, bringing intensity to Ventura, and he will be forever a major inspiration to us!

Thank you Serge!

Rec Studio http://www.recstudio.ch/