end of year news

illustration taken from http://www.moderntoss.com

Hiya people!!!
Ventura has some news to announce. We've been asked to play some gigs and of course we accepted the invitation.
In resume, here are the facts:

- 30th December 2006 @ Fri-Son in Fribourg.
It's the Fest#6 and we'll play with other bands, which are Make It Pink, Roebucks, Feutre Et Chandel and Guitar Fucker.

- 13th January 2007 @ Lozane's Burning VII in Lausanne.
Lozane's Burning is every winter's main event in Lausanne, local bands join their forces to bring you a spectacular show, pretend they're all really funny and everything following a specific theme. This year's theme is "Lausanne's bands celebrate death."

- 17th January 2007 @ Bleu Lézard in Lausanne.

- 10th February 2007 @ Hacienda Sonic in Sierre.
We'll share the stage with Sigurd and Rectangle.

We hope we'll see you at one of those shows.


Some news about the Treibhaus

Hi people.
There has been some changes with our gig in Luzern @ Treibhaus this coming Saturday.
Our beloved friends and split mates (is that english???) Disco Doom had to cancel the show.
Instead the very intriguing Opak (from Vevey) are playing with us, as well as Manesh (from Luzern).

I hope everyone will be able to make it, it's gonna be a hell of a night.