Pa Capona release night

Here we are!
The official release night of our album "Pa Capona" is on its way and it's even sooner than you'd expect.
I have the deep and sincere pleasure to announce that we gonna celebrate on the 24th of May the release of our album at Le Romandie in Lausanne. Don't worry, we're not going to throw pancakes at you, swap Panini football cards or even play rubbish video games, no....we're going to play live. A live set that you'll never forget with classic hits such as "Colour of my dope", "I keep starting" but also new tunes.....

We gonna share the stage with another local band, Ärton Wall. If you have never heard of them, well...it's a shame. They play some Make Up/The Stooges rock n'roll that really kicks ass.

And the cherry on the cake is that you'll only pay a poor 5.- to get in. Yessss!!! I said five bloody swiss francs.
Of course you'll get the chance to purchase Pa Capona, you'll see the feeling of the cover on your skin is incredible.

Hope to see you there.