Ventura on a compilation

Hi everyone!!!
Ventura has accepted to be part of a local compilation, when I say "local" I mean Swiss....
The compilation, called "Bon Pour Les Oreilles", has been set up by Christophe Schenk who's a journalist for L'Hebdo, a weekly Swiss paper.
Christophe did a very good job by asking awesome bands like Shora, Velma, Fauve or even The Evpatoria Report to be compiled.

At the end, 12 bands gave the authorisation to give a link for one track only. This compilation will be on line only for a length of 3 months. You can download the tracks by clicking the right button bla bla bla bla.....
Compilation Bon Pour Les Oreilles

Ventura would like to thank Christophe Schenk for his great job and also Fabio, our webmaster, for his ability to work in a really short period of time.