Ventura on mx3

From tomorrow (15th September), the first Swiss music web portal will be on line. The site will be opened to all Swiss bands and performers broadcasted by SRG SSR (the national Swiss radio) but also to all the musicians and artists who want to be heard. The site is mx3. Centered around music, mx3 will allow you to listen to all the titles put on line by the artists -classified by style, language or area- to create your own playlist and to send it to other users. The site will also allow the artists to sell its music.
Mx3 is clearly inspired by MySpace but will surely place itself as an essential Swiss web portal and as a direct access to Swiss artists and bands with the advantage of being closely connected to the different national radios.
The radios will then seriously look at the increasing popularity of the bands through this web site and will help the most promising talents.
But you must know that Ventura has taken this opportunity not to be part of the business, but to be simply heard by more people out there and to pull chicks.