end of year news

illustration taken from http://www.moderntoss.com

Hiya people!!!
Ventura has some news to announce. We've been asked to play some gigs and of course we accepted the invitation.
In resume, here are the facts:

- 30th December 2006 @ Fri-Son in Fribourg.
It's the Fest#6 and we'll play with other bands, which are Make It Pink, Roebucks, Feutre Et Chandel and Guitar Fucker.

- 13th January 2007 @ Lozane's Burning VII in Lausanne.
Lozane's Burning is every winter's main event in Lausanne, local bands join their forces to bring you a spectacular show, pretend they're all really funny and everything following a specific theme. This year's theme is "Lausanne's bands celebrate death."

- 17th January 2007 @ Bleu Lézard in Lausanne.

- 10th February 2007 @ Hacienda Sonic in Sierre.
We'll share the stage with Sigurd and Rectangle.

We hope we'll see you at one of those shows.