We feel like keeping you posted on what will happen for Ventura this coming summer.
First, I can assure you we're not going to get suntanned since we'll be in our practice space most week ends to write and rehearse new songs.
Apart from that, we'll be playing two important shows this summer.

Emmanuelle Antille, our dear friend and video artist asked us again to be part of her new project called Rock Da Dollhouse.
This project will be part of an outdoor contemporary art exhibition (Arts en Plein Air) situated in the Swiss countryside (Môtiers/Val de Travers). Rock Da Dollhouse consists of a giant dollhouse built out of wood in which is included a living room, a corridor and a room located under the roof. During the night, the lights of the house will remain lit as if this one were truly inhabited. Each saturday during 3 months, 13 bands will play a live set in the living room for free.

Ventura will play in the dollhouse on the Saturday 14th July @ 16:00 PM.

Check out the website for more infos.

And finally, on Friday 10th August, Ventura will play at this year famous and really cool For Noise Festival in Pully.

You should really come because we can already tell we'll do a pretty special live set and also the amazing Swiss band The Young Gods will entirely play the album TV Sky in the exact tracking order. Isn't life swell?????

We hope to see you at one of those gigs, if not, get a fucking life!