Updates, news and other stuff

We had a blast two week ends ago, playing with Equus in Vevey and John Sars in Zurich at the famous Rote Fabrik.

Thanks again to them for sharing these fine moments with us!!!!

Now, back to the usual news part....

As you probably know by now, we will play in Paris in March with the fucking excellent Enablers, the gig will take place in La Mécanique Ondulatoire (only French can find fucking names like that for a venue!!!) on March 28th.

We will also play in Fribourg at Le Nouveau Monde with our buddies from Berserk for Tea Time.
This gig will take place on April 12th.

And last but not least, the best fucking record label on earth is having its first night!!!!
Get A Life! Records will be celebrating its success, its good taste in independent music and its flourishing future.

Three bands from the Get A Life! roster will blast our ears until our pants are wet, these bands are Yog, Zatokrev and Vancouver.

The evening will take place at Le Romandie in Lausanne on Saturday, February 9th.

Please support the local scene and come to see these three cool bands, or if you don't, get a fucking life for fuck sake!!