New album "We Recruit" + 7'' feat. David Yow - OUT NOW!

Dear all,

Today is a magic day for Ventura.
Today is the official release of our latest album We Recruit, released through the extraordinary label Africantape.
But today is also the official release of our 7'' featuring David Lambeth Yow (ex-The Jesus Lizard, Scratch Acid, Qui).
If you fell like purchasing one of these item, or both, just click on the links below:

We Recruit (CD/Digital)

Purchase CD

Download Digital

VNTRDVDYW (7'' vinyl)

We wish to thank Serge Moratell, Julien Fernandez, Eline Müller, Reno Meichtry, Rob Gonella, Sophie Martin, and David Yow. Without you, these 2 records would have never seen the light.