Ventura distributed in Spain

This is with a great pleasure and honour that I can say we're now distributed in Spain by BCore.

BCore Disc is the main independent spanish label focused on hardcore-punk DIY culture. In active since 1990, it has relased almost all of spanish hardcore bands in its earliest period, and through the years it has opened its style range to all indie rock tendencies.
It is one of the few labels runned in Barcelona, putting out shows by themselves, editing their own releases, doing their own designs and distributing their stuff through small mailorders.
They've always focused in having total control on what happens around the label and their bands. They've been deeply influenced by the Dischord way of doing.
BCore is the first spanish independent label to have its whole catalog uploaded on the internet to be bought through worldwide music download stores: iTunes Music Store, Napster, MSN.com and other several download sites.

Here is some example of the shows they've put out along the years:
June of 44, Bluetip, Kerosene 454, The Lapse, Dalek, Karate, At the drive-in, The Locust, Juno, Sweep the leg Johnny, Les Savy Fav,...

Pa Capona: 10€
Split Cortez/Ventura: 9€
Split Ventura/Disco Doom: 9€