Crucial Blast

I recently discovered this very good record label and a webstore as well. It's Crucial Blast, from the US, in Hagertown, Maryland to be precise. As I said, it's a record label and they released really good and interesting bands such as The Goslings, Orthrelm, Spickle or Totimoshi. Their vision of music is pretty brutal, heavy and experimental. We can qualify Crucial Blast underground and cutting edge. God Bless Crucial Blast.

So it was an amazing honour to be reviewed by them since they distribute Pa Capona. Here is the review:

Get A Life (Swiss import)

This young Swiss trio follows up their split vinyl releases with CORTEZ and DISCO DOOM with this full length CD, which holds some beautifully constructed post-rock/indie rock that morphs into crushing waves of sludge riffage. At first, VENTURA's songs channel the sort of soft/loud dynamic of early 90's indie rock, with soft sparse melodies intertwining with brooding bass work and expressive drumming, somewhere between CODEINE and SLINT with raspier singing and weird childlike lyrics. When the band shifts into the loud sections though, it gets really loud, and heavy, sometimes slinging out sludgy metallic MELVINS riffs, sometimes pounding out huge swirling noisy passages that sound similiar to the current crop of heavy post-rock bands like TIDES and MOUTH OF THE ARCHITECT. There are songs like "Let Yourself Go" where acoustic guitars are situated prominently alongside roaring heavy guitars in a way that reminds me alot of DINOSAUR JR.'s Green Mind, and the general way that the melodic indie rock parts are structured with the heavy parts is really cool. Pa Capona definitely feels like a combination of the heavy-edged post-rock of SHELLAC, SLINT, PINEBENDER, and CODEINE, mixed with HUM's volume eruptions and eruptive metallic post-rock. Comes packaged in a beautifully designed, cardboard Arigoto-pack style box that folds open to reveal the disc, insert, and poster art. Limited to 1,000 copies.