Pa Capona is out!!!!

That's the news we have all been waiting for: the album is finally out!!!!
I mean, for real, we've fucking done it!!!!!! Our first full length. We are really proud of it, we never expected the result to be that good and we achieved it thanks to a lot of people involved in our project. So I'm gonna randomly thank Patrick Mathey who welcomed us in his comfy recording studio and did an amazing job, Sir Mario Suter who designed the cover and impressed us with his ideas, Joel and Fabien, both CEO's of Get a Life! Records, they worked day and night and supported our laziness and finally our mums who will be our main source of inspiration forever.

We'll properly celebrate the release of Pa Capona on the 24th May at Le Romandie in Lausanne. You'll be able to get a copy of the album at a terrific price. Phil, Mike and me hope to see you there, enjoy with us this evening.

Pa Capona tracklisting:
1. back to sender
2. the question
3. i keep starting
4. colour of my dope
5. kidneys
6. everything
7. limits
8. small
9. i keep position
10. violent all the time
11. let yourself go
12. thoughts & speeches
13. ovens

Available through Get a Life! Records or send us an email to info@vntr.net.