YYY Compilation

Ventura has been asked to be part of a compilation called "Amazon Grace", released by YYY, a young and innovative swiss collective.
Have you ever wondered why most Internet sites such as Amazon only offer 30 seconds of every track you want to listen to ? Can we really make up our minds about the quality of a song, of an artist in 30 seconds ?
Though it seems impossible to appreciate music in that kind of way, this duration may also lead the consumers to a new form of listening.
YYY suggested a reversal of this commercial oddity.
"Amazon Grace" compiles 77 artists who composed one track of 30 seconds each. Artists such as Kid Chocolat, Opak, Brazen, Scanner, Bruno Fleutelot or Iscariote agreed to give one track of 30 seconds.

Ventura's track is called The Tosser King.
The compilation is available through YYY website and it's only 15CHF.


Ventura takes this opportunity to thank Nicolas Julliard aka Fauve.